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All the Canva templates to launch your next offer easily in minutes. This will help you save your time, save your money, and establish your expertise as an authority in the industry.

You will be able to quickly swap in your brand colors, imagery, and fonts in minutes.

You’ll have a variety of templates to choose from launching graphics, podcast reminders, quotes, etc. - everything you could possibly need to keep your audience up to speed.

Instagram Story Templates



I just wanna let you know you're saving my life with this bundle!!! I had no idea I could make journal prompt pages on here. Thank you x a million. You're amazing and so is this product. I'm so happy I invested in it!! It's literally saving me so much time & energy!!!

"You're saving my life with this"

"I love how this is all done for you!"

I hated before thinking about what I was going to post and then how I was going to design it. So I love how this is all done for you! I also love your layout for how you delivered all your products! Like it's soooo legit! I'm so happy for you and proud of you.


"No more anxiety around branding"

I just wanted to drop a message and say thank you so much for creating the soulful branding bundle! It's been so helpful and taken away the anxiety I had around branding. I feel more confident and secure now, especially in my brand identity than I did before.


You will not need to buy anything else. All of our shop items were created using FREE apps and systems.

All Canva design templates have been created and tested to make sure you can have the Canva Free Account and still use them. If you ever notice issues with any Canva Pro features, just email us at! 

All photo presets and overlays can be used inside the free Lightroom app and free Photoshop Mix app. We give you the link to the free application and tutorials on how to use it inside.

All sales are final. Due to its digital nature, all of our shop items cannot be deactivated or returned. Therefore, refunds are not offered on any digital product on this site.

We do! We want our brand shop to be accessible to anyone. We offer 2 month and 3 month payment plans for anything in our shop over $100.

If these payment plans are not yet up and running, please contact us at and we will get you situated there.

YES! That’s what’s so great about our shop items! They are 1000% customizable.

For Canva templates, you can easily change the colors, fonts, add elements, etc.

For Presets, additional adjustments are expected based on each photo’s unique lighting and color profile. There are many factors that can change the look of the preset on your photo such as lighting, background hues/colors, skin tones, camera quality, etc. However, this is why there are tutorials to show you how to make basic adjustments to customize your preset specifically for your photo conditions.

If you run into any issues, we offer customization services as well for select items.

All rights reserved. No part of this product may be reproduced for resale or distribution in any manner without the permission from the publisher. Unauthorized distribution or reselling of everything included as is prohibited and will be met with legal action.

Do not resell or sub-license the Licensed Asset in a way that is directly competitive with it. Do not resell any modification of the asset on its own. Do not make the asset public or share the asset in any way that allows others to download, extract, or redistribute it as a standalone file. Do not use the Licensed Asset in pornographic, fraudulent, immoral, infringing, illegal, harassing, offensive, or defamatory material. Any other use that is not expressly permitted in the license terms is strictly prohibited.